Friday, 26 June 2009

More goodbyes

A string of Sun Media editors have called it quits in recent months and the most recent is Bill Duke, editor of the Strathmore Standard in Alberta.

Duke, who said his farewell to readers yesterday in an online editorial, is moving on to an online hockey site job.

He started as a Standard sports reporter in 2007 and became editor last August.

"My decision to leave the Standard at this juncture comes for a number of reasons, but ultimately, it was just time to move on," he writes.

A TSF tipster says you can read Quebecor management into the reasons for Duke's resignation.

Another TSF tipster says Jeff McCoshen, managing editor of the Daily Herald-Tribute in Grande Prairie, Akberta, has called it quits two weeks short of 20 years with the paper.

McCoshen was hired in 1989 as a sports reporter, became sports editor in 1989, moved to the city desk in 1999, became news editor in 2004 and managing editor last July.

Sounds like a newsman who knows the business and would be an asset to Sun Media.

"Word is he didn't like the direction the company is headed," said the tipster.

Meanwhile, TSF awaits details of the departure of the Barrie Examiner's managing editor, as noted yesterday by a TSF reader.

If it's not layoffs and firings across the Sun Media chain, it is resignations.

We admire any newsroom employee who stands by his or her principles and walks over stifling working conditions.

Life is too short.

All the best, Bill, Jeff et al.


  1. Leaving an oppressive working situation is the best way to go for your mental health. That's what I did 11 years ago.

    What has happened to the Toronto Sun now just makes me angry. A lot of good people made a huge success out of Doug's dream, and it's all being pissed away!

    Bill Sandford

  2. More of us in Alberta would...but the right jobs haven't come up yet.

  3. Yep, let experienced staff walk out the door. Instead of inticing them to stay, we'll just save more money on their salaries and have our centre of excellence make the editorial decisions.