Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Short shorts

Hundreds of vintage, iconic red Sun newspaper boxes in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg have seen better days. On Saturday, the Winnipeg Sun, working with city business organizations, allowed children to "muralize" 40 Sun boxes to cover wear, tear and graffiti.

Almost 500 Globe and Mail employees belonging to SONG will gather at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Saturday for a strike vote. Their contract expires June 30. Why does a strike vote sound out of sync in a time of newspaper turmoil across North America?

The New York Times has been judged the best in 24/7 Wall St.'s Top 25 newspaper websites. list The Times is followed by the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, New York Daily News, New York Post etc. Is there a comparable list for Canada? Where would Sun sites register?

Catching up: The 2008 Canadian Journalism Foundation Awards. No Sun Media honours. And the National Press Club in Ottawa has announced its three recipients for journalism scholarships.

The Kingston Whig-Standard is the latest former Osprey newspaper to lose its water coolers, says a TSF tipster.


  1. re: Sun boxes

    So, rather than repairing or replacing their sales equipment on their own, Sun Media had children to do it for free?

  2. forgive me if this was a previous post but staff in Ottawa were told last week the paper is shrinking by a square inch. stories that were 425 are now going to be 375. It was said this was the case for all papers. any information?

  3. Sault Star joins the growing list of Sun Media papers without water. As the coolers emptied, they have not been replaced. Meanwhile, pipes are old and no one knows if its safe to drink from water fountains that have been stagnent for years. More work for the Health and Safety committee here.

  4. If PKP is taking out the water coolers, can I bring in my beer fridge and enjoy a cold Molson? I hope he drops by so I can praise the great taste of Molson since he's up against them for the Canadiens.

  5. Newspapers began as sweatshops, and to sweatshops they are (sadly) returning.

  6. Here's a question:
    How many water coolers does it take to buy one storied NHL franchise?

  7. As a former staffer and still in the biz im still saddened by the complete disembowelment PKP has performed on the organization. from the ashes of the telegram the Sun began....will history repeat itself...it usually does.