Thursday, 29 July 2010

The 2 Westons

Google Greg Weston these days and you will find two Canadian journalists - Sun Media's recently ousted veteran political columnist and a New Brunswick political columnist.

We're not sure if our Greg Weston ever crossed paths with the other Greg Weston, but it is ironic both journalists are politics-oriented.

The Sun's Greg Weston spent 10 years faithfully covering federal politics and was Sun Media's senior national affairs columnist when ousted last week.

New Brunswick's Greg Weston is the Legislature reporter for the Times & Transcript, the province's largest daily newspaper and based in Moncton.

The Times & Transcript - the product of a 1983 merging of the Moncton Times and the Moncton Transcript - has a circulation of about 40,000.

Fans of the Ontario-based Greg Weston are hoping his absence from published political analysis will be brief.

There is room for two Greg Westons at the keyboards.

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