Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Cartoonists 2010

If you are a seasoned fan of editorial cartoons and have about an hour to spare, highly recommend this recent speech by Chan Lowe at a Williams College reunion in Massachusetts.

Lowe, with more than 9,000 published cartoons, has been the first and only South Florida Sun Sentinel cartoonist for 26 years and is syndicated through Tribune Media Services.

The cartoonist/blogger blames economics for the decline in full-time American daily newspaper cartoonists - from more than 200 in 1975 to about 55.

Lowe gives a nod to Canada's editorial cartoonists and we had Sun Media's Andy Donato and Susan Dewar in mind when he said: "To me, a cartoonist is supposed to elicit a response from readers. Otherwise, what is he doing wasting everybody's time, including his own?"

And then he acknowledges the two or three female cartoonists in the male-dominated profession.

It is a fascinating insight into the mind of an award-winning editorial cartoonist.

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