Tuesday, 6 July 2010


CTV.ca has updated the Canadian Press story about Quebec Media dropping out of the Quebec Press Council, adding an interesting comment from retired Justice John Gomery.

Gomery, who heads the non-profit QPC, says Quebecor's absence will not stop the council from investigating complaints against its newspapers, including Journal de Montreal and Journal de Quebec.

The QPC lobbies for freedom of the press and the public right to information, says the CP story. It examines complaints from the public, then issues rulings about whether journalists acted properly.

Quebecor accused the council of issuing what it called arbitrary decisions and had threatened to sue the council if its actions hurt business, the story says.

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  1. I'm surprised it took this long... the company pulled out of the Alberta Press Council almost two years ago. The two Suns were never members but the GP and Fort Mac papers were and the weeklies were represented by the AWNA in the Press Council.