Friday, 23 July 2010

Odds & ends

Sun Media's humiliating newsroom performance points system has arrived in the Niagara Region, says a TSF tipster. It is like a creeping, vile vine spreading across the Sun Media chain, part and parcel of all that is wrong with the floundering chain.

John Caputo, a 23-year Sun vet with strictly an advertising background, is the new Edmonton Sun publisher and CEO. Par for the Quebecor course, he will "continue to serve as director of advertising for the Sun and will oversee operations at the Edmonton Examiner."

Tim Peckham, a talented and productive Toronto Sun cartoonist, is receiving much wider exposure with his TIMWIT iPhone app. A Sun story says his ap was one of 66 comics selected for the Apple Store. Tim's TIMWIT had a six-year Sun run in the 1990s. Way to go, Tim.


  1. do explain the performance points system someone... ive heard rumours of this..