Friday, 16 July 2010

No Fox North?

The Globe and Mail is reporting Quebecor has already been turned down in its bid for a national cable channel TV launch on Jan. 1.

The paper says Quebecor will have to wait until October 2011, which the CRTC says is the earliest for considering new “must-carry” licenses.

Kory Teneycke, head of the Quebecor project, said the company planned to submit an amended application, says the Globe.

All that fanfare, Ottawa bureau shuffling, firings and a lot of ink and we might have to wait for more than a year to see if Fox North is ever going to become a reality.

And how about all of the time spent on this Sun News website?

Horse before the cart, eh?


  1. Water coolers, home delivery of your own newspaper and computers from this century for everybody!!!

  2. Seems like every idea is a nightmare. Just for those who may not be aware of the way things might work in other companies. 1. have idea 2. is it a product or service people will need or use? 3. put idea to paper 4. do we need more staff to put idea into place? or the way Quebecor does it... idea, fire people cause we can do this with more computers and add more to the people left behind (do not pay them more) find out that someone forgot to get permission first. then back everything up, dimantle all the infrastructure put in place, fire more people, but not the ones that had the initial idea. Start over again with another half thought through idea.

  3. On the Sun TV News web site:

    1) It says "Sun Personalities ... Meet and suggest on-air talent". What does that mean?

    2) It still has the fake "Join our team" banner.

    3) It says, "Minute by minute. Hour by hour. Fast, factual investigative news for all Canadians." Perhaps it should say, "Week by week" because some pages on the site are a week behind.

    4) No original content on the site. I guess the TV channel will be the same way?

    5) Why does the name change between "Sun News", "Sun TV News", "SUNTVNEWS", "SUNTVnews" and "SUNtvnews"?

    6) Why are they collecting names and e-mail addresses under the guise of "pledge to view"? Are they building a spam list? Who sends in their name and address without any further information?

  4. So Sun Media is hiring and paying haircuts when it doesn't have a channel for the bubbleheads to work on, and won't have a channel on the air until at least 2011 and probably not even then. Plus, I'm certain the new guys are getting paid more than the Ottawa bureau who were all fired. I'm not the business genius that Kory is, but this makes sense how?

  5. So another round of firings coming I guess since they've got another year or so to wait for their precious TV network.

    All those who have faces for radio, start packing your belongings.

  6. Ex PMO staffer Jason Plotz latest hire?