Thursday, 29 July 2010

Masthead -Bono

Mark Bonokoski's name was missing from the Toronto Sun's Comment section masthead on Wednesday.

We don't know why "Mark Bonokoski National Editorial Writer" was missing, but we can only hope it means the Sun vet is returning to column writing, where he belongs.

The layout of the masthead makes it doubtful his name was dropped in a computer glitch, but anything is possible so we'll see if it returns to the masthead on Thursday.

If not . . .

Bonokoski is a master storyteller and since his shift to anonymous editorial writing in June, TSF readers have asked if he was still at the Sun.

If you don't read the masthead, you wouldn't know.

Readers miss his award-winning columns. That is his forte and has been on and off for three decades.

As James Wallace, editor in chief, said in June in announcing Bono's summer "hiatus" from column writing:

"Bono's made a career out of writing stories that make a difference and matter to our readers - from a recent column on an elderly woman forced from her apartment in Keele-Lawrence by fumes from a crack-smoking neighbour to his ground-breaking series on the profound difficulties facing some of Canada's urban aboriginal peoples."


Stay tuned.


  1. Good lesson for cub reporters: don't make those simple phone calls to help serve our readers.

  2. Not on masthead today either.