Saturday, 17 July 2010

Author Strobel

How many points for a published book, Mike Strobel?

Introducing Bad Girls and Other Perils, a soon-to-be-released 188-page paperback by Strobel, one of Canada's most diversified newspaper columnists.

Bad Girls and Other Perils, with the work of Sun cartoonist Andy Donato on the cover, is a compilation of Strobel's popular offbeat columns. Pre-orders for the Aug. 11 release by Dundurn Press are being accepted at at $14.59.

Mike has covered a lot of bases since he switched from an editor in chief to an award-winning columnist eight years ago and readers who enjoy his style are most appreciative.

From tales of the memorable Shaky Lady con woman, to African safaris, to tear-inducing human dramas, to wild and sexy ladies, to Moonlight Ladies etc. (Sun Media dropped the ball big time in not making his Moonlight Ladies a weekly SUNShine Girl feature.)

Meanwhile, the book promo copy for Strobel's first book reads:

"Meet legendary panhandler the Shaky Lady; the Weasel, who knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried; the secretive swinger Sexy Boots; the notorious Bicycle Bandit, who quit robbing banks, got a loan and opened a bar; and Dr. Hook, the top doc whose professional fate rested on the cut of his jib.

"You'll also get a look at a fake orgasm champ, a practising witch turned beauty pageant queen, a boss cannonballer, and assorted other heroes, rogues, athletes, finks, politicos, celebrities, bureaucrats, sons and lovers."

Also between the covers: Mike's take on the "fads, fashions, morals and hot topics of the day."

Might not be for Habs fans, but a lot of his readers will be looking forward to reliving his experiences with the Shaky Lady.

Mike Strobel speaks his mind, as demonstrated the other day, and in our books he is the Sun's 21st century answer to the late, great Paul Rimstead for originality and reader appeal.

Just how popular is Mike Strobel the columnist? The promo copy says his online Sun columns draw a million hits a year.

Take that, Shaky Lady.

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