Wednesday, 7 July 2010


From CBC News, another view of the aftermath of Quebecor dropping out of the Quebec Press Council, including comments from Quebec's federation of professional journalists.

The CBC report says the federation denounced Quebecor's withdrawal in a press release and questioned what sort of ethical and professional standards Quebecor will hold itself to.

It says the federation's statement says Quebecor does not have "the slightest credible mechanism to independently receive and process public complaints."


  1. Never have and never will have ethical or professional standards. They just removed an F@#k U sign from Lindsay Lohan's finger nail on the front page of 24's printed edition, you can still see it faintly on the online edition, and they never told the public about it or said it was an illustration. Where are the ethics there?

  2. Funny how PKP is always the first to cry foul whenever he perceives a lack of a level playing field that interferes with his agenda, but he happily creates uneven playing fields whenever it suits his agenda.

    There isn't even a level playing field for Quebecor shareholders. PKP maintains a grip on his empire only because of a dual-class share system that gives him majority voting control of a company with a small minority of the shares.

    Too bad the famous "change is necessary" mantra he endlessly repeats to staff never applies to the post of CEO at Quebecor.