Friday, 30 July 2010

London -12

Sun Media is pulling the plug on its London print/online edition of the Pennysaver Smart Shopper at a cost of seven sales jobs and five pressroom jobs.

The Friday advertiser will cease publication by Oct. 22, says a brief story in today's London Free Press.

The story says the seven sales people "will be given every opportunity for employment elsewhere in the company as it becomes available."

The key word there would be "available."

The Southern Ontario Newsmedia Guild website says five pressroom employees have also been laid off.

The new-and-improved SONG site says: "The London Free Press has announced the closure of its Pennysaver Smart Shopper publication, directly affecting seven jobs in advertising and contributing to the layoff of five people in the pressroom Thursday morning."

1 comment:

  1. Really no surprise here. Quebecor has a monopoly in this market - with the London Pennysaver Smart Shopper (RIP),the Londoner, and the London Free Press. It was inevitable that something would be closed here in the name of profit.

    It is surprising that Sun Media hasn't converted the Windsor Smart Shopper into an editorial product of some sort. It is the company's only property in that market. Of course, it would involve some form of investment to protect this investment.