Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Gazette re QPC

Recommended reading: Megan Martin's Montreal Gazette story with more quotes from retired Justice John Gomery about Sun Media pulling out of the Quebec Press Council.

Gomery, who heads the QPC, told a Tuesday news conference:

"The absence of the largest group of news media as a member brings the credibility, funding and usefulness of the Press Council into question. It is unthinkable for the biggest player on the media scene in Quebec to not be accountable to anyone."


  1. Does anyone think PKP cares what Gomery thinks?

  2. If the whole Sun News TV thing is coming to fruition, why would the newspapers care if they're part of a press council?
    We will no longer be journalists, we will be infotainers, telling a partisan fan club what they want to hear.
    Unapologetically patriotic indeed.

  3. There's a troubling trend I've noticed and it might be worthy of a post of its own or at least feedback from others - when you lawyer a story, in-house counsel has shifted from the old position of doing what it takes to get a story in to a new position of finding reasons to keep it out if it is any way litigious. One way PKP is keeping complaints and legal costs down.