Monday, 12 July 2010

Union & points

Sun Media's new performance points system is being watched by the Southern Ontario Newsmedia Guild, says its president, Brad Honywill.

Brad tells TSF in an e-mail:

"We are aware that Sun Media is asking employees at some locations to record their work activities in an apparent attempt to evaluate workload, but there is no suggestion that this is connected to wages.

"We plan to get more details when the key HR person at Sun Media returns from vacation in two weeks and determine our position at that time.

"I should point out that employers can provide merit pay in many SONG contracts. But employers can't arbitrarily replace our salary grids with a pay-for-performance system in mid-contract.

"They would have to do it through contract negotiations at the end of the contracts and I guarantee that it would be a strike issue.

"However, it's only prudent that we know more about this evaluation before we take any positions or say anything further."

No response yet from the CWA, which represents Sault Star newsroom employees who will be introduced to performance points this month.

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