Monday, 26 July 2010

Eric hits champ

Updated re Toronto Sun comments not moderated
TSF hits after the Eric Margolis exit posting have gone through the roof, making the 27-year Sun Media op-ed vet a clear No. 1 in TSF popularity, pro and con.

Hits for the ousting of Margolis more than doubled the previous champ - the December 2009 Peterborough penis posting.

And his exit ranks miles ahead of the firing of op-ed columnist Rachal Marsden in November 2007. She be right leaning.

Politics and penises. Go figure.

The exit of Margolis - when his contract ends in three weeks - has also drawn the most comments since TSF was launched in 2006.

They include numerous moderated comments deleted for derogatory content.

We'll say it again folks, anonymous, defamatory cheap shots aimed at individuals, Sun Media and this blog, won't be cleared.

If you want to rant anonymously, try the Toronto Sun comments. The 54 comments posted to date under Eric's weekend column are not moderated.

But clearly, Eric Margolis has been making a difference as a Sun op-ed columnist and isn't that the point of the op-ed page?

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