Monday, 8 September 2008

Downing's post

Toronto dodged the bullet when it lost the 2008 Summer Olympics to China, says John Downing in his latest blog entry.

"There will always be grandiose promises of the benefits, of the world attention, all the money flooding in," he writes. "Ad nauseum, and mostly BS! You must never forget the hangover."

That's our Downing. The Day Oner never minced words during his decades as a Toronto Sun political columnist and after reading this posting, you'll be thankful we all watched the Olympics from afar.

What a grand venue blogs are in this 21st century arena. Voices like Downing's should never fade away for lack of an audience.

The late Doug MacFarlane, who was retired by the Sun before his time, would have relished access to a vast new audience keen on learning from a mentor with credentials this high.

Les Pyette, who worked his way up the Toronto Sun ladder from city editor to CEO, should be blogging, but he has opted for a book.

Hartley Steward is another Sun Media vet we'd like to hear from again on a blog.

And where's Wilder Penfield III when you need him?

If you were born to write, write on in blogland. It's not a paying gig (unless there are some willing sponsors out there, hint, hint) but it is therapeutic.

But back to John Downing, a man who knows Toronto inside out. It is comforting to know he's out there and at the keyboard when he has something to say.

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