Saturday, 20 September 2008

Radio Joe

An interesting idea for Sun Media's e-edition interactive radio feature comes from TSF reader Michael Cassidy of Port Hope: Why not have Sun columnists read their columns? 

Mark Bonokoski does a fine job of reading his Moose Country blog entries on radio and Peter WorthingtonMichele Mandel, Joe Warmington, Rachel SaChris BlizzardMike StrobelLorrie GoldsteinEric MargolisLinda Leatherdale and some of the sports and entertainment staffers all have radio and/or TV experience.

"What would it take to read a column?" asks Cassidy. "They would know the tone to take and the words to emphasize."

Personalized readings by the columnists would be an improvement over the monotone computer-generated female voice with the occasional electronic stutter.

And what a bonus for the visually impaired - the ultimate personal touch.

If not within the interactive radio structure, provide an audio option for columnists who want to participate. We'd tune in for readings while working on the computer.

Of course, senior management would have to preview digital recordings by Strobel and Bono for proper Sun profanity style guide dashes.   

With print media jumping across the electronic threshold into multitasking with gay abandon, go for it all and see what sticks.   

Radio Joe has a ring to it. 

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