Monday, 29 September 2008

Lost & found

The global reach of the Toronto Sun has ended a Toronto man's 25-year search for his mother in less than 10 days.

Thanks to Mike Strobel's Sept. 18 column, Mark Sardar, 31, and the mother he hasn't seen since he waved goodbye to her at age six in Hungary, have been reunited.

A radio station in Budapest picked up Mike's story about the search for Zsuzanna Toth and bingo, her nephew hears the report.

A Budapest TV station sets up a webcam so mom and son can bridge the distance.

The headline for Mike's column Sunday was: "We found her."

What an amazing tabloid lost and found story.

"Some days, I just love my job," Mike said in his column yesterday.

You said it, Mike.

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  1. What a great story. Such an amazing achievement. Terrific.
    Mike Strobel is awesome