Wednesday, 17 September 2008

More on E

We are signed in for the Toronto Sun's 14-day E-edition free trial and open for feedback from TSF readers.

Sports section?
One TSF reader asks where is today's 20-page sports section? Good point. There are 72 pages online, but no sports that we could find.

Other sections MIA
Also missing in today's E-edition are the 12-page Jobboom section, the eight-page Your House & Home section and the eight-page Busy Bee Tools insert.

So it's not quite the complete Toronto Sun. Will there be exclusions after the free trial period? If so, it will not be a true page-for-page E-edition.

Will all of the Sunday Sun be online during the free trial? Stay tuned.

Listening to the Sun
We are fascinated by the Interactive Radio feature, with what sounds like a computer-generated female voice reading the content of every news story and column.

As we type this, the female voice is reading, word for word, and dash for dash, Mike Strobel's complete and hilarious Page 2 column on the new guidelines for the use of profanity in the Sun.

Hmmm, the way the computer-generated voice says "balls, testicles, family jewels, clippers" etc. Don't sex chat lines charge for that kind of talk?

It takes Strobel's frequent comedic views of the sexier side of life to a whole new level.

Visually impaired
On a more serious side, the visually impaired will benefit from interactive radio, or those who want to catch up on the news while working on other tasks at the computer.

Different E program?
A few months ago, the Ottawa Sun put its complete paper online after experiencing press problems. The program used a different platform than the Toronto Sun E-edition. Is there a tech guy who can compare the two E-edition formats?

Accessing thumbnail pages
Page thumbnails make it user friendly but is there a way to highlight key pages, for easier access, such as page tabs for Comment, Classifieds, Money, Entertainment etc? (18 Comment, 57 Money, 64 Showbiz etc.)

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