Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Metro No. 2?

A Metro Canada web site story says the free commuter daily has more readers in the GTA than the Toronto Sun based on new 2007/08 NADbank readership figures.

"Metro Toronto’s readership has surpassed the Toronto Sun to become the second-most-read daily in Canada’s largest city," says Metro.

Metro also says Newspaper Audience Databank figures released Wednesday show Metro has broken the one-million reader mark in Canada and remains the most read free daily in Canada.

It says NADbank's figures show Metro now reaches "1,091,800 readers every weekday and 2,253,200 readers weekly in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver."

"This represents an increase of 26 per cent, or 223,600 more weekday readers over NADbank 2006/07."

The Metro story includes Metro numbers for Edmonton, Montreal and Ottawa but not Toronto.

We await Sun Media's spin on the latest NADbank figures.

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