Sunday, 7 September 2008

TV guides

The Sunday Sun dropped the ball big time when it pulled the plug on the weekend television guide for all but those in "selected areas."

Not only did thousands of Sunday Sun readers lose out on a weekly television guide, they have to do without television listings for Sunday, as is provided Monday through Saturday.

The Toronto Star is not about to abandon fans of Starweek, the glossy Saturday Star guide that was beginning to look anemic last year but is gaining weight.

Starweek editor Gord Stimmell has been given two more pages to work with, up to 38 from 36, TV critic Bill Brioux is appearing more often, full page ads have returned, there are more features etc.

Of course, Gord and Bill are former Toronto Sun vets lost during Quebecor's ravaging of the tab. Gord put out the Sunday Sun guide for a couple of decades before shown the door.

Times have changed for weekend print media television guides. Sun Television in its prime was 80-plus pages crammed with ads and editorial content. But the need remains.

Unfortunately, thousands of Sunday Sun readers are left with only memories of a handy weekly TV guide.

It is encouraging to see Starweek reverse the thinning trend, add a couple of pages, beef up the editorial content, draw full page ads for The Love Guru DVD, Workopolis etc.

The excellent Friday Globe and Mail movie/TV section and the improved Saturday Star guide are no doubt picking up disgruntled former Sunday Sun readers.

As for the Sunday Sun, it owes its readers Sunday TV listings.

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