Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sunday e-thin

Toronto's Sunday Sun e-edition is mighty thin - no sports, no ENT, no Comics, No TV guide etc.

They squeezed the popular Comment section in, but in all, just 46 pages from the Sunday Sun.

Isn't a new and bold business venture supposed to knock your socks off, with all of the bells and whistles on show out of the gate?

Will it be more of the same Monday when 32 other Sun Media newspapers go e?

Sun Media needs to do some PR if they want to sell e as the real Sun, page for page.

For starters, will the complete Sun be online once you subscribe at $4.99 a month, or was it never Sun Media's intention to mirror the print edition down to the last page?


  1. Does anyone actually buy those e-edition things. The numbers are pathetic they don't appeal to the online reader at all. They really are a pure circulation play. Nobody actually reads those things.... except you!?LOL

  2. I am part of the e-editon launch team. I appreciate your e-feedback. I can tell you that the TV Guide, ENT, Travel, Sports, Comics, Homes and Special Sections should all be part of the e-edition. The mentioned e-sections appear as pullouts as in the printed version. Currently, the Select Title button gives access to these sections.There were some technical issues with producing some of the sections this weekend.


    Keep the suggestions and comments coming.

    Doug Smith
    IT Manager- Toronto