Tuesday, 9 September 2008

News blues

It is 8:45 p.m., the big news on the radio is a woman has been arrested in the bizarre death of a man shot and thrown from a car on Hwy. 401.

But the lead news story on torontosun.com is the bus stop murder that occurred Monday at 3 p.m. and last updated at 10:27 a.m. Tuesday. Are they fixated on that story?

The 401 body dumping is the lead "Breaking News" story on the "Home" page and the "Toronto & GTA" news page, but no mention of an arrest and the last update was 6:18 p.m.

Why is the Hwy. 401 murder the lead story on the "Home" page and "Toronto & GTA" news page, but not the main "News" page? It is confusing.

When you click on the "News" page, it would make more sense to begin with "Canada" on the left and leave it to the visitor to choose "Toronto & GTA."

The way it is now, it looks like there is one too many news link pages.

We gave the new site an A+ (mostly for design and navigation) early today, but if slow news updates on busy news days, as we are witnessing out of the gate, continue a B- would be more realistic.

It might be cheery and easy to use, but news as it happens is the name of the game.

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