Tuesday, 16 September 2008

OttSun Ace

The Ottawa Sun is looking for an assistance city editor and, for a refreshing change of pace, qualifications called for do not include education minimums.

The job posting, found at jeffgaulin.com, gives self-educated journalists a fair run for the job. It is a union position, with evening shifts, including weekends.

Qualifications stated:

You have the ability to take good stories and make them great. You spot the holes and get them filled. In addition to superior news judgment, you are a wordsmith, you believe in the value of tight writing. You are able to coach staff and manage them.

Working in a multimedia newsroom, you will also share in the responsibility of editing and posting copy to the web, creating photo galleries, and performing other web duties on a nightly basis.

You are a troubleshooter. You deal with late breaking stories every day and juggle it with longterm projects.

You are a news junkie.

You are details oriented.

You work well in a team environment with other editors.

You have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

Those are TSF's kind of requirements, especially having to be a news junkie, a wordsmith and someone who is keen on tight writing.

Tight writing in a tabloid? Reminds us of the old TorSun.

The job posting also advises applicants to submit resumes by e-mail to Donald Ermen, assistant managing editor, Ottawa Sun. No phone calls.

Deadline is Sept. 30.

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