Friday, 26 September 2008

Sherri gems

Updated 28/09/08
The Toronto Sun is repeating some of Sherri Wood's entertainment reports as part of the countdown to the Oct. 5 Sherri Woodstock music fest.

Thursday's repeat was Sherri's amusing April 2004 first-person account of her 16-hour experience leading up to an audition for Canadian Idol.

Sherri was a journalism intern at the time, but in her case, the writing was on the wall. She had style, hustle and flow. A natural for the tabloid.

More of The Best of Sherri Wood over the next few days.

(Note to the entertainment editor: Why have her byline linked to her old e-mail address?

2 - Sherri interviews Sex in the City actor Kim Cattrall, from Nov. 18, 2004

(Note to Joan Sutton Straus: Can you find a word Sherri used in her Kim Cattrall story that Ed Monteith banned from one of your Lifestyle columns?)

3 - Sherri interviews Coldplay's Chris Martin prior to CD release, from May 29, 2005

4 - Sherri reviews an Arcade Fire concert at the Music Hall Theatre

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