Monday, 29 September 2008

Where's Dunf?

People keep asking, "where's Gary Dunford?"

We haven't a clue.

He was up north feeding his Dunf In Space blog for a couple of years, but he hasn't posted since Aug. 22, 2007.

"Maybe he's holed up in a cabin writing a book," said one TSF reader.

We can only hope.

Gary, hired by the Sun in 1973, was the King of Page 6 until some daffy editor decided to relocate his unique column deeper into the bowels of the tabloid.

His departure from the Sun in the summer of 2005 after 7,127 columns was one of many blows faithful readers have endured since Quebecor bought Sun Media in 1999.

(Gary, Bill Brioux and Val Gibson are the three most sought after former Toronto Sun staffers in TSF site traffic.)

So while Gary might be gone from 333, he's not forgotten.

Rabid fans who need a fix can find his final Sun column on his blog and other tidbits online, including a priceless item from Aug. 12, 1997, telling the titillating tale of columnists Christie Blatchford and Rosie DiManno going topless on the golf course. It is classic Dunf.

Hopefully, Gary is working on a book.

If there have been any Dunf sightings recently, e-mail us so we'll have something to tell TSF readers who keep asking about him.

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