Thursday, 7 May 2009

Another memo

The latest Sun Media memo forwarded to TSF takes us back to the decades when Doug Creighton, Peter Worthington et al took care of their own in times of need.

Alcoholics kept their jobs and were counselled by staff who had walked in their shoes.

Employees experiencing stress-related illnesses were referred to the best professionals and, if necessary, given leaves of absence to deal with their problems.

The same consideration was given to employees with mental illnesses.

The bereaved were personally consoled, sent funeral flowers and given time to grieve.

Now, thanks to another TSF tipster, the reality of Sun Media in 2009:

"Memos went up from Sun Media head office this week announcing that the employee assistance programs - confidential counselling for employees suffering stress, depression, alcohol or drug problems or other issues, provided by professional counsellors - has been unilaterally cancelled by the company, effective immediately.

"The memo says there are numerous government and public sources for people who need assistance so it's not a program that is required, and helpfully includes a list of 1-800 numbers for things such as Telehealth and the problem gambling hotline."

Three words to describe the new Sun Media: Lean, mean and heartless.


  1. This is becoming a typical refrain in hundreds of Sun Media's news offices across the country - - go cheap or stay home.

  2. Yeah, cut the stuff for employees, but at our place, the managers went to a stress relief workshop. Poor managers are stressed out at having to lay so many people off. Guess the employees aren't stressed at having to do more with less

  3. Wow...nice to know this company cares about me. If I knew I could get a similar job the next day, I'd be out the door right now.

    This company makes me sick... but I better not go seek help for it.

  4. Lean...Mean....HEARTLESS!!!!
    I can think of a few more choice words...