Monday, 11 May 2009

Exhibit A

Caught on tape: A kind and gentle Toronto Sun newspaper box double dipper (or outright thief, perhaps) who believes in sharing his daylight loot. Taped Thursday by R.J. Moorehouse, a blogger who is documenting street life in his Yonge/Bloor neighborhood.

Maybe the bizarre false RBC ad front page caught this gentleman's eye.

The Sun was free in a Yonge/Finch box snapped by a TSF reader in January, so this fellow's paper handout doesn't appear to be a major crime. He's just sharing the good Toronto Sun vibes and spreading the need to read message without asking for money. An advocate for print media.

If Sun Media is giving Suns away to boost circulation figures, why not give bundles to the homeless for free and have them earn money by selling papers on the streets? Boost circulation and help the homeless - a win-win situation.

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