Saturday, 16 May 2009

LFP cloning 3

We're almost done . . .

Classified pages
• Classifieds should be placed vertically on a page to allow for a page topper to sit overtop of any editorial content.

• Classifieds should NEVER run under an editorial page topper. For example, having Death Notices under an “Entertainment” page topper is something that lacks taste and can be seen as offensive.

Shared comics/puzzles
• Standard PDF from Sun Media that must run on an open page.

Local Sports pages
• Local sports should always be at the front of the sports section and come before national sports.

• Pages should be 100% local copy.

• At least one story on each locally generated page should have a standard online throw.

• Wire and local copy should never mix on this page whenever possible. Please choose the best Sun Media story that doesn’t appear on a PDF that you are using.

• Do not turn a local story onto a page that will mean you have to break up a national PDF.

National Sports pages
• National News pages built almost exclusively with Sun Media content.

• Standard PDF from Sun Media, this PDF should never be broken apart if it can run in its entirety.

• Updated throughout the night with new results, including game stories with quotes.

• National Sports PDFs can be divided by halves and used over two pages.

• If a page has a quarter-page ad on it, use the full PDF minus the ad space. These pages are designed for exactly this purpose.

• Secondary sports pages may be offered. These including (sic) NHL playoffs, auto racing, baseball, golf etc.

• Auto Racing should run Wednesdays, Golf on Thursdays and Baseball on Saturdays.

• National Sports agate pages are always built as a half page and should run at the bottom of a page unless ad stacks prevent it.

• Can be packaged with the top half of the National Sports page or with local agate or community sports calendar.

• Updated throughout the night with new results and for Western time zones.

More to come.

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