Thursday, 14 May 2009

Short shorts

If you missed any of the animated Andy Donato cartoons by animator Greg Parker you can catch up to them all here.

A new Remembering George Gross video tribute taped during a recent reception at the Variety Village Lounge can be found here. There are photos of the late, great Toronto Sun founding sports editor, plus testimonials by friend Joe Millage and others.

So who wants to be first to provide TSF with details of the sale of 333 if, indeed, it has been sold? Who bought it and for how much? When does the deal close? Future site of a condo? Will the elaborate exterior Sun mural be saved? What next for Sun/Canoe employees?

A PKP quote from yesterday re whether Quebecor Media's recent decision to go online only with its free French-language ICI weekly will be repeated: "I can't say that it will never happen and I won't say it will never happen."

As if in preparation for the next step in the evolution of Sun Media weeklies, take a look at a Lacombe Globe story in Alberta that informs readers they no longer have to wait for the paper to be published to read about breaking news.

For those who speak French, here's PKP talking all things Quebecor at a press conference in Montreal yesterday. But darn, English translation of his comments for thousands of interested employees across Canada couldn't be found online.

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