Friday, 29 May 2009

N5 update

On the get it first, then get it right front . . .

Jonathan Jenkins, Newzapalooza V (June 5) organizer/musician writes:

"In the interests of accuracy, I have to correct my good friend Mr. Harvey. The resurrected Newzapalooza is thanks to the earnest importunings of Staristas Jim Rankin, Michele Shephard and Donovan Vincent, along with Globian Moe Doiron.

"These four and the Granatsteins, Rob and Natasha, and myself are solely responsible. And as you see from our press release sent today (and my apologies for getting it to you late) Jaymz Bee is not the host this year (love the guy) but fresh-faced comic Trevor Boris is."

The press release says:

"Witness the jackals of the press cower under the spotlight's harsh glare. Delight as VeeJay Boris ­ from MuchMusic's Video on Trial and the 2008 COCA Comedian of the Year ­ brings the gavel down on the court of public opinion. Everyone leaves with ringing ears and split infinitives."

Jonathan says there will be fabulous prizes from great sponsors, including Home Depot, Quad Spinning and the Toronto Rock.

Tickets are $20. Get them at or at the door, 735 Queen St. East. Doors open at 7 p.m., show starts at 8 p.m. All proceeds to the Children's Aid Foundation.

For more information, contact Jonathan Jenkins, Toronto Sun Queen's Park Bureau 416-314-0246, office 416-568-4814 cell.

Thanks, Jonathan.

Now who are the musicians in Toronto Star's Johnny Hondo and the Deadlines band and the Globe/CP's Stimulus Package?

Hey, were talking media and the 5 Ws here.

But seriously, welcome back N5 and a great bunch of talented journalists who rock in the greatest print newspaper city in North America.

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