Monday, 4 May 2009

Editor boobs

Sunday Sun readers who faithfully scan the pages from front to back might be wondering about a pair of manboob references yesterday and how differently they were handled.

In Mike Strobel's Page 2 column, it's "Bitch Tits," a reference to A-Rod's nickname mentioned in a new book.

Flip to Showbiz, Page 47, and Liz Braun's Cheap Smarm & Gossip column and the reference to the New York Yankee's pectorals is "B.... T..."

Liz, who generally tells it as it is, might have typed "B.... T..." to avoid conflict, but we doubt it.

Our guess is the entertainment editor handling her copy changed it from "Bitch Tits" to "B.... T..." to abide by the Sun Media language guidelines introduced last year.

Meanwhile, a more liberal news editor in tune with Mike's more adult column style let "Bitch Tits" slide.

With all of the obscene carnage in the world, this Sun Media hangup with words is tiresome.

As the late, great Paul Rimstead might have said: It's a tabloid, dammit.

It's also 2009.


  1. Why those no good #!@#$# sons of a B----!

  2. If you think the Toronto Sun has problems, read what's happened at the Daily Planet: