Sunday, 10 May 2009

Twitter quitter

Steve Tilley has called off his quest for 1,000 Twitter postings by Tuesday - 500 shy of his goal.

Steve's Saturday postings read:

"This is the 500th tweet of the 1,000-tweets-in-a-week experiment, and this is where I stop. This boy needs a break. :)"

"I have a feeling "Twitter quitter" will be the headline on Monday's article :). Hey, batting .500 ain't bad!"

"I know, I feel bad for quitting :( But to rack up another 500 in two days would mean FULL on tweetspam, and no one needs that :)

A novel idea would have been to post a 1,000-word story one word at a time.

Or number every posting to show readers where he was at day to day.

A thousand gaming/tech/web tips in a week would have been a huge draw.

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  1. Twitter Quitters, from the Neilsen folks, and why Twitter is doomed :

    Also, a column in yesterday's NY Times pointed out: whenever celebrities and high-profile media types jump on the Twitter bandwagon, the overall number of Twitter users drop.