Friday, 29 May 2009

Buy your own

A TSF tipster says contributors writing articles for Sun Media's glossy Niagara Magazine will no longer be mailed a free copy for their perusal and records.

"It seems that the Sun Media mag has no problem paying their scribes for articles, but they now draw the line at mailing each writer a free copy," says the tipster. "If they want to see their work - buy a copy!"

The magazine was picked up by Sun Media in the purchase of Osprey Media in 2007.

The cuts keep on coming.


  1. That just makes

  2. Actually, Sun Media has a problem paying their scribes. Find someone who freelances for them and they'll tell you how much trouble it is getting paid on time

  3. From last fall to early spring, I'd agree.
    But they seem to be back on track now - apparently PKP wanted to see each and every invoice, and has now issued a generic invoice template that we're all to use.