Thursday, 7 May 2009

"Stupid" heading

Toronto Sun editors preoccupied with today's ad-dominated false front page neglected to catch a glaring error in the Exclusive: 'Our son is stupid, not a racist' heading.

Read Brett Clarkson's story. What the mother of the boy involved in the Keswick school incident said was "He said something stupid. Really stupid." She didn't say her son was stupid.

A TSF tipster says the Sun will be publishing the following apology tomorrow:

"A headline on page one of the Toronto Sun yesterday was both inaccurate and misleading. In fact, as the story reported, the mother of a boy in involved in a high school fight in Keswick said her son “said something stupid.” She did not say nor imply he was stupid. The Sun regrets the error and apologizes to the boy and his family."

TSF empathizes with overworked editors. It can't be easy working in a stressful, sweatshop environment with little time for quality control.

Numerous recent Sun corrections, including faulty ads and sloppy graphics, reflect the aftermath of years of staff cuts that have left survivors with additional workloads not befitting any newsroom staffer.

It is minimalist print journalism at its worst.

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