Saturday, 16 May 2009

LFP cloning 4

Chapter 4 . . .

National Life pages
• National Life pages are built with 100% Sun Media content.

• Please DO NOT use tab versions of PDFs because they contain styles that do not conform to our styles. As a rule all of these PDFs are available in broadsheet form.

• Try to avoid mixing local and national copy on these pages, unless space doesn’t allow. If you must mix the two then the ads dictate which runs at the top of the page. We never want to disassemble a PDF, so fit a National half page in first.

• National Life page should always be slotted in your paper ahead on World News and the Money Page.

• The top half of the Life page will contain content indicated below.

• Bottom half of the page will include another lifestyle column as well as the chain’s new advice columnist.

• The bottom half of the page cannot be broken up into quarters.

• These pages must appear on the following days:

Monday: Health/Keeping Fit column/Advice

Tuesday: Life/Dr. Beliveau column/Advice

Wednesday: Eat/Elizabeth Baird column/Advice

Thursday: Discovery/Dr. Gifford-Jones column/Advice

Friday: Gadgets/Web Page column/Advice

Saturday: Green Planet, Style, Life/Waters on Wine column/Advice

National Entertainment
• Try to avoid mixing local and national content on these pages, unless space doesn’t allow. If you must mix the two then the ads dictate which runs at the top of the page.

• Never use wire content in place of national entertainment PDF.

• The bottom half of the page can be broken up into quarters.

Feature pages
• Periodically Sun Media produces some great features that are produced for our broadsheet papers. Please monitor all lookahead skeds and check the Bulletin Board for the PDFs.

• Features vary in theme and topic but are great additions to any of our larger Saturday products when space allows.

National PDF Order of importance
• Comment, Comics/puzzles, National News, National Sports, National Life, National Entertainment, World News, Money

TSF note: There is also a colour-coded section on page flow for 16-page papers.

Sun Media broadsheet publishing 101.

Thanks to the tipsters who provided the PDFs. It has been illuminating.

Over and out.


  1. Thanks to TSF for posting this information. Our editors received a garbled re-write of these instructions from an editor who didn't understand them, leaving us all wondering what we're supposed to be doing with PDG pages. What's a PDG? Our only staff with tech skills were cut in December, and now the dinosaurs have to figure this new system out. Ridiculous.

  2. So long editorial freedom and space for local content.

    All this just to save a few bucks. Brilliant. Hopefully advertisers step up and have a say in this horrible cookie-cutter setup and refuse to support the newlook papers.

    Who ever came up with this concept obviously spent no time in a newsroom. More bean counters is my guess.