Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Bono for N5?

Newzapalooza promoter Ian Harvey was quick to note the main force behind the revival of Newzapalooza is the following trio: Jonathan Jenkins and Rob Granatstein at the Toronto Sun and Rob Cribb at the Star.

Ian says he is just one of the many media musicians promoting the June 5 Media Battle of the Bands at the Opera House.

And while the lineup of media musicians is impressive, "the only thing missing is for Bono (Sun columnist Mark Bonokoski) to sing Stand By Me."

Ian says if Mark is game, "we’ll work him into the show."

How about Sun alumni Brian Vallee on piano for Bono's favourite song?

That's worth a $20 ticket alone.

The bands to date:

Toronto Sun's The Screaming Headlines: Shawn MacIntosh (guitar); Jim Slotek (vocals) Ian Harvey (bass guitar); Jonathan Jenkins (drums)

Globe and Mai's The Doubts: Neil Teixeira (bass and vocals); John Daly (guitar); Eric Lam (keys and vocals); Erin Benoit (vocals); Bernie Serrao (guitar and vocals); Mark McLarney (skins)

Toronto Star's Holy Joe and the Principles: Rob Cribb (sax, piano, vocals); David Henderson (bass); Donovan Vincent (guitar); Steve Harris (drums)

Thomson Reuters News Agency's The Thomson Triplets: Joe Foo (bassist); Steve Hawryluk (guitar); guest drummer TBA.

Toronto Firefighters' Backdraft: Neil Dechamplain (bass, lead vocals, guitar, keyboards); Dave McNamara (drums, percussion); Rob Fitzderald (lead vocals, guitar); Mike Fleming (guitar, vocals, sequencing)

Toronto Star's Johnny Hondo and the Deadlines:TBA

Globe/CP's Stimulus Package: TBA

Sounds like a blast and all for a good cause, the Children's Aid Foundation.

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