Monday, 25 May 2009

Hear, hear

A comment posted by a TSF reader says it all:

"Another year, another nom/win for the lil' Simcoe daily. An excellent reminder to the masters that smaller market newspapers and local journalism still matter . . . no matter how much you keep chopping them off at the knees."

That be the Simcoe Reformer and the 2008 NNA winner in the local reporting category is reporter Monte Sonnenberg for "articles about the sale of a police officer’s home through the Ontario government's Home Owner Employee Relocation plan. His articles led to changes to the program."

Shady politicians and town officials everywhere would no doubt celebrate the exit of their local media and the likes of Monte Sonnenberg and other dedicated journalists. They would get out the brooms.

Meanwhile, Quebecor's downplaying of Sun Media's involvement in local, provincial and national awards contradicts everything journalists strive for day to day - the brass ring and recognition for a job well done.

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