Wednesday, 13 May 2009

More Moonlighters

Mike Strobel's photo spotlight on ladies 40 and beyond gets another workout today in a special section in the Sun and online in photos and videos at

In praise of older women, indeed. No belly bling in sight.

Strobel's steady stream of Moonlight Ladies clearly reveals there is a supply and a demand for women whose ages are beyond Sun Media's demographics.

Question is, does Strobel ask these Moonlight Ladies for proof of age? Don't want any 39-year-olds ringers fudging their ages to get into this exclusive 40-plus Sun Media club.

Strobel says readers are asking when Moonlight Ladies will become a regular feature, but he's leaving that up to the Sun powers that be.

FYI: Canada's baby boomers are beyond the Sun's demographics, but they carry a lot of weight in numbers.


  1. I thought the secret to securing newspapers' futures was to attract younger readers?

  2. if the recent relaunches of their websites is anything to go by, the chain is ignoring the wishlists of anyone below 40 anyway.

  3. Well, it certainly isn't catering to older readers either. A large percentage of our readership is made up of retirees, who'd regularly bitch up a storm if the crossword was too small to read.
    We lost over 800 paid subscribers with the redesign - the fonts are too difficult for failing eyesight.

  4. Special supplement has 6 staff-produced photos and 11 "donated" photos. Did these other 11 photographers get paid or even a photo credit? (Ha!)

    When you open the supplement, the half-page ad on page 2 is for: "Vaginal Tightening" (Ha!)

    Why didn't the Sun spend a few of bucks and hire a hair/make-up stylist to make the women look presentable and the photos look reasonably professional? Another cheap, half-assed effort.

  5. To make the women look presentable? You must be one of those with failing eyesight. The women all looked amazing. Especially the 54 year old. Doesn't look a day over 35.