Saturday, 16 May 2009

OPC tease

Rob Granatstein, the Toronto Sun's editor, Twittered this on Friday:

"Heading to an Ontario Press Council meeting. Should the press council have rules about online commenting on stories?"

(Granatstein was elected to the OPC earlier this year to replace Mike Burke-Gaffney, managing editor, who took early retirement.)

Looking forward to coverage of that meeting, or comment on that subject in general.

Having viewed a wide variety of racist, libelous and downright guttural comments on media articles and, in YouTube's case, videos, host moderation is much needed across the board.

Who is accountable for libel, slander and hate messages in the online abyss?

It was unnerving to discover the Toronto Sun's online comments are not moderated after a recent damaging comment was left unchecked for several hours.

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