Wednesday, 17 November 2010

333's future

A TSF reader with an apparent inside view of what 333 will look like once the reno dust settles, writes:
While 333 King is currently under construction/renovation, we ask:

Is it true 333 King sold for $41 million?

"No Frills" grocery store on the ground floor of 333 King Street East. I guess No Frills suits the Sun perfectly. No Frills will (more-or-less) occupy the mail room area and a bit more.

The press room will be converted into four(?) larger stores or businesses.

West of the front doors, Red's will be partitioned into 4 (?) smaller retail shops.

East of the front doors, the old barbershop, courier desk and circulation office will be converted into 3 (?) stores.

Mural on Front Street was supposed to stay, but the plans show the mural gone, replaced by windows.

Will Sun staff be happy when a wine shop opens one floor below them?

Is it true a 16-storey office tower is planned for the east side of the property, (currently the location of two parking lots)?

End of comment and thanks for the update.

We had a feeling the mural wouldn't survive the transition. Will it simply vanish in the rubble or can it be moved and preserved?

What say Mike Filey, or is campaigning for preservation of the Sun-sponsored mural too close to home? 

Doug Creighton commissioned Toronto artist John Hood to create the Front Street mural in 1991. Hood, with the assistance of his sister, Alexandra, devoted two years to creating the mural

Meanwhile, these are sad times for Toronto Sun vets who moved into 333 in 1975 and, with a later addition, shared six thriving floors of the Little Paper That Grew for several decades.

Now reduced to renters of a small area of the once proud Sun building,  remaining staff will  at least have easy access to nourishment, salads, sandwiches, wine etc.


  1. What about staff parking??

  2. There's staff parking now?

  3. Ha ha ha - that's got to be an ad rep or someone in management asking about parking. I pay $7 for parking every day.