Thursday, 25 November 2010

Examiner letter

Linda Steele, a Peterborough Examiner reader, has her say about the ongoing Quebecor/CBC war of words in a letter to the editor.

And it's not all roses for Quebecor.

Congrats to the Examiner for publishing The Letter.


  1. Fine they ran it. Yet they still added an editor's note to defend Quebecor's approach which was unnecessary and only proved the letter writer's point.

  2. The online version conveniently has left out the editor's note that followed the letter in the printed version.

    Here it is verbatim:

    Editor’s note: This CBC is a publicly funded institution that gets $1.1 billion a year and uses some of that money to fend off enquiries on spending the courts have said the CBC needs to come clean about. Sun Media has been enquiring about wasted spending at the CBC for nearly 40 years, long before Sun Media launched into TV.

  3. People need to realize that our editors are frustrated as well by all of the right wing rhetoric published on our editorial pages. Readers miss our local content...and our editors need their jobs too.
    PKP doesn't value backbone.

  4. That editor's note is written in a strange version of English. There has been criticism of young journalists' weak command of English lately, but if this is what a newspaper editor thinks constitutes a proper sentence, it's clear the problems are farther down the rim.

  5. Quote: "'s clear the problems are farther down the rim."

    To all those whiny Sun employees who complain that having to do multiple jobs at once causes them to make mistakes, the almighty PKP shows how it's done:

    He runs a media chain, a cable company, a cell phone company and TV network ... and yet the corporate CEO still has the time and energy to shoot pictures for a newspaper. Something to be proud of! What an example to set! He's just like one of us, the common working class!

    Either that, or he was trying to save a few bucks by not assigning a photographer.