Friday, 12 November 2010

Leafs vet winner

Of all the Toronto Sun stories marking Remembrance Day yesterday, Mike Zeisberger's nostalgic replay of Wally Stanowski's Toronto Maple Leafs career, interrupted by WW2, was a winner on all fronts.

Here is a man, now 91, who wanted to do what was asked of him by his team - which he did back in the day when winning Stanley Cups was routine for the Leafs - and by his country.

If ever needed to be more receptive to including photos with stories online, this was the day. What a great photo in the print edition to illustrate Original Six hockey vets who put hung up their skates in a time of war.

Excellent read. 

Speaking of the Leafs, have you noticed the Toronto Sun hasn't been wasting front pages on the losing Leafs this season? 

Good move.

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