Sunday, 7 November 2010

Port Hopeless?

A Sunday Sun front page headline reads 'Port Hopeless' - It Shames Us All.

Holy Farley Mowat, we thought, what has scenic Port Hope done now?

As it turned out, the headline writer - in India, perhaps - was too quick with the play on words and it should have read Fort Hopeless.

Christina Blizzard's somewhat depressing two-page report is from Eabametoong First Nation,  sometimes known as Fort Hope. 

Full credit to Christina. She has admirably been writing about the plight of Ontario's remote aboriginal nightmare communities for years, but little gets done to improve their lives. 

Meanwhile, on Page 36 of the Sunday Sun, another blown effort by an editor: "Luckily, not gladiators were hurt."

India, again?

They say you get what you pay for. We'd demand refunds from the sloppy editors who wrote "Port Hopeless" and "not gladiators."

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  1. Or the one about the bombing in Turkey, on a plaza that was "teaming with tourists"....