Thursday, 18 November 2010


A TSF tipster writes:

"By the way, most all of the company's managing editors are in Montreal right now for a hush-hush conference they don't want the staffs to know about.

"I'm sure PKP will announce new ways to improve morale."

Well, Christmas is on the way and the 600 casualties of Black Tuesday - Dec. 16, 2008 - know what that could mean.


  1. Can you start hearing the theme from the movie JAWS...........

  2. The meeting is supposed to be about Sun TV, I was told.

  3. Maybe a new and improved point system... 5 points if your video makes SunTV news!

    Or maybe they are filming a new Christmas video

  4. It's almost time for PKP's annual Xmas video ... which usually comes after ... just a thought.

  5. I heard it was an update on bringing an NHL team to Quebec City. To stay well, well under the cap, MEs are being told they will also have to play on the top two forward lines, plus put out their newspapers during the day.

  6. Even with MEs playing in a Top 6 role, the Nords could still take the Leafs.

  7. From what I was told, newsrooms must be reconfigured into the shapes of horseshoes, with the ME sitting at the curve of the horseshoe and everyone spreading out from there. They have a certain amount of time to accomplish this - like a couple of weeks - and they have to take a picture of it and send it to PKP as proof that it's been done. I wish I were kidding.

    Also, there is to be even more emphasis on video, video, VIDEO. The print product, I assume, will continue to be sadly neglected.

  8. Letter in Peterborough Examiner

    « BackQuebecor war on CBC a personal affront
    Posted 7 hours ago
    Re "Demanding accountability from the secretive CBC" (Nov. 20) -

    As a good little Sun Media/Quebecor paper, The Examiner dutifully publishes these set piece attacks on the nation's independent, public broadcaster. It turns out that Quebecor itself is the organization asking its competitor for information.

    Quebecor Inc., one of Canada's largest media conglomerates, was not above applying to the CRTC for mandatory access to cable and satellite carriage to launch Sun TV News, its right-wing news and commentary station. No, it wasn't asking for taxpayer money, but had the bid been successful (it was dropped), subscribers would have been subsidizing "Fox News North" whether they wanted to or not.

    In the name of profit and conservative political influence, Quebecor Inc. has repeatedly battled the publicly-funded CBC. The struggle has become personal, with Quebecor and its chief executive suing a CBC executive for defamation.

    If only the CBC could be discredited! If only the loyalty many Canadians hold for their national broadcaster could be undermined! To this end, Sun Media writer Brian Lilly has been thrown into the ring. "In our on-going efforts to hold CBC accountable to taxpayers, QMI Agency is going to run a regular series of stories on the corporation," he writes.

    Please spare readers this self-serving propaganda. Does Sun Media actually believe that the reading public is interested in a series (a series!) holding Quebecor's rival accountable when we have a federal government operating by stealth?

    Accountability? Our federal Conservatives and their (Sun) media minions are turning the concept into a bad joke.


  9. Kind of hard to do video when you don't have a video camera. It's also hard to form a horseshoe out of a newsroom of three.