Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Hello Bolly

Tipsters say Sun Media ad production for Niagara-area newspapers is being outsourced to India.

What isn't clear is the percentage of Sun Media jobs being lost to India and other destination for outsourced (reader that much cheaper) labour.

Meanwhile, did you notice Quebecor earnings went up again in the last quarter - 19% say news reports - which is good news for shareholders, not employees. 

There is little give back these days.


  1. I heard it's happening in Calgary as well. They say that no Canadian staff will lose their jobs when the ads outsources...who are they kidding!


    Page 17 say's it all.

  3. So unbelievably disgusting!
    All they care about is hacking and hacking and hacking away at staff. Run now while you can!

  4. It blows a dirty donkey's ass that we are down to a minimal of our paper being produced in Canada.

    With the new system, sales reps' selling time has decreased significantly, especially with with the initial training. The company sure as hell isn't going give a salary increase for the decrease in commission pay.

    Not only that, but also they want the reps to increase sales. HTF is that going to be possible when they are chained in the office uploading ad copy. Advertisers can't even get the in-person good old customer service they deserve.

    I'm unsure how the company is expected to save money, as it may actually balance out if there are too many errors due to the inability to communicate what we want visually in an ad.

    Not to mention spelling mistakes. I'm fully aware they do have university degrees and most like speak better English than we do, but it's the fact communication is no longer clear. Everything must be described to a T including colours, fonts even position of text and photos.

    If you are OCD, you will not survive this sales position long.