Sunday, 7 November 2010

Tory Kory fallout

Sun Media is still feeling the fallout from Tory Kory's brief summer fling in Ottawa, where casualties were piled high soon after plans for Sun News were unveiled.

Donna Laframboise, a former Star, Globe and Post staffer, thought she was on the incoming side after being courted by the Sun's new wonderboy, but never got through the front door.

In a fascinating ongoing series of blog postings about her dealings with Tory Kory and then the aftermath of his sudden resignation, Laframboise says she feels Sun Media owes her something for his promises.

Sun Media comments on her No Frakking Consensus blog: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 to come.

She writes:

"A brash young man in a pinstripe suit named Kory Teneycke told me he was in charge of a bold new venture in Canadian television. He spent more than an hour courting me, and I’m afraid I didn’t make it easy for him."

But he sold her on the job, which she says would have involved a weekly column for the newspapers and guests appearances on Sun TV - for a verbally agreed $4,200 a month.

Then poof. 

"It’s difficult to believe that Canada’s top newspaper chain – which publishes 20 dailies and 150 weeklies – goes around making job offers that aren’t genuine. I mean, my opinion of the media isn’t high, but even I’m not that cynical.

"People don’t contact you, meet with you, share their vision of a groundbreaking television station, and invite you to be part of it if they aren’t sincere. What kind of organization does this and then - a few months later -  shrugs and mumbles that it was all a practical joke?"

In Part 2, she writes:

"Let us just say it looks like I’ll be seeing Quebecor in small claims court. (Stayed tuned.)"

Indeed, stay tuned.


  1. I have no use for Kory, but I read that blog twice looking for the part where there was a contract signed or a written job offer presented. I know I've made life-changing decisions based on an email from someone saying, "Yeah, we're interested, let's talk more later." As an editor, I would be terrified to have coffee with a potential freelancer under those conditions.

  2. Wow, I really feel sorry for someone who was expecting a mere $4200 a month for a weekly column and 5 minute TV appearance.

    Excuse me while I go to my second job while trying to hold down my full time one working as a reporter to pay my bills.

  3. These types of "offers" happen all the time. Unless there is a contract on the table, don't expect a job.

    It's a shame these "offers" are made. I think it's a cheap trick used by powerless managers to stroke egos. It's unprofessional and it stinks, but it happens.

    If a salesman/manager comes around offering you a "job," tell him (it's usually a him) you would like to see a contract first before you begin negotiations.

  4. Funny I was promised a salary increase from a publsiher in agreement to taking a diffrent position @ my branch. That was almost 2 years ago and nothing has ever resulted except for a disgusting waste of my time trying to get what was promised to me. Sorry that this company feels the need to do that to people.