Thursday, 25 November 2010

Variety Xmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas now that Toronto Sun columnist Mike Strobel has launched his third annual Variety Village Christmas Fund drive

Mike's campaign has been raising about $30,000 per year and should he beat that average by $10,000 this season, his efforts will have topped $100,000.

The fund was launched in 1978 by George Gross, with the full support of Doug Creighton, the Sun's founding publisher. In the 30 years before his death, George raised $1 million for Variety Village.

Mike picked up the baton for Christmas 2008 after George died at 85.

Speaking of Strobel, his book Bad Girls and Other Perils is finally on the shelves and selling well. There were only four copies left tonight at Amazon ($14.43 each, plus postage).

Check out the shameless promotion in his column today.

The Shaky Lady rides again. 

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