Thursday, 11 November 2010

Media's vets

On this Remembrance Day, we wonder why media in Canada don't make a habit of honouring employees who served in world wars and other conflicts.

They should devote space - in print, online or on air - to honour those who fought and died while on leave from their jobs and those who survived to write about their battles.

And honourable mentions for vets who were hired by the media after serving.    

Sun Media newspapers, big on rallying the troops, have Peter Worthington, a Korean War vet, front row centre as an example of employees who served their country.

Former Toronto Sun city editor Ken Robertson, a WW2 vet, is still writing and telling stories up Barrie way.

The late J. Douglas MacFarlane was another WW2 vet who worked for the Toronto Telegram and the Sun.

And the late Bob Vezina, a WW2 vet who had a nose for news - and roses.  

Tely/Sun sports legend Ted Reeve was a WW1 vet. Doug Fisher was in WW2.

The list goes on.

We know there is no shortage of veterans who worked for the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail and Tely/Sun.

Perhaps it is a project for media to consider for next Remembrance Day.


  1. Very disturbing and insulting that while Canada's main networks are televising Remembrance Day services this morning, our very own SUN TV is showing Alfred Hitchcock Presents... at 11 a.m. What a travesty. Shame on you.

  2. I'm definitely not apologizing for Sun TV, but remember that Sun TV does not have the same broadcast license as all the other Toronto TV channels, does not have the same number of employees, does not have the same amount of technical resources, does not have the same money, does not have the same TV-based leadership, does not have the same goals to serve the community, does not have the same strategy to build for the future, ....

    On the other hand, Sun TV does have an owner who's been begging the CRTC to get out of its obligatory payments to the New Voices Fund (last time, Quebecor actually pleaded poverty), who begged to get out of its obligatory Hamilton coverage (yes, Sun TV is also a Hamilton channel), who begged to get out of its obligatory Aboriginal Canadian content, ...

    But the upcoming new SunTV News channel will be different. Just you wait.


    re: lead up to Remembrance Day coverage: the Toronto Star sent reporter(s) and photographer(s) across the country to report on injured Canadian troops returned home from Afghanistan. Over a week's worth of coverage. Effects of this coverage have reached Parliament and changes are now promised.

    Toronto Sun did a two-page spread with file photos, cheap stock pictures and cartoons, to illustrate the difference between a WW1 soldier and a modern-day soldier. (big yawn). Looks like it took almost two hours to produce this. Disposable meaningless content.