Tuesday, 2 November 2010

39th, ho hum?

Not a word about the Toronto Sun's 39th anniversary in the tabloid Sunday or Monday. 
Tuesday, perhaps? A belated cake cutting photo to mark Monday's anniversary, or columnist commentary?

Or, at 39, is the 333 balloon too deflated to party?

Now that the countdown to the big 4-0 has begun, some TSF readers are asking if there are any plans for next Nov. 1.

Any suggestions? Should a floor of the Eclipse Whitewear Building be rented once again for a final Toronto Sun bash for Day Oners and the hundreds who followed?

One project to mark the 40th should definitely be a book of Andy Donato cartoons.

Plus a 40th DVD special with video clips of 333 parties and other special occasions.

And a definitive, no holds barred book on  The Little Paper That Grew.

We wouldn't expect Quebecor to be financially supportive, so now is the time to consider how to finance a 40th anniversary reunion of Doug's Vets.

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  1. Ya know, if you looked at the old girl yesterday, her 39th, I don't think she's ever looked better cake, candles notwithstanding there's enough old soldiers to keep her going for a few years yet!