Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Niagara -9?

What would the Christmas season be without reports of Sun Media layoffs? 

We are two weeks shy of the second anniversary of Black Tuesday, when 600 Sun Media employees across the chain  were pink-slipped on Dec. 16, 2008.

That was followed by PKP's "Noel 2008" video.

Today, news of nine layoffs in production at the Niagara Shopping News. A TSF tipster writes:

"Heard a rumour last night of nine layoffs in production at the Niagara Shopping News. Some of these guys had been laid off by Sun Media before, then rehired at the Shopping News. Now, thanks to jobs moved to India, they are gone again.

"The competition in Niagara for this type of work - junior graphic design, page layout or copy work and writing - is fierce. Most employers are offering $12 per hour or less. Maybe $14 if you are web-savvy. (Yes, that is how you spell 'savvy'!) 

"It's a sad prospect for a print media specialist to face, right before Christmas - and advertising's busiest season. But isn't that PKP's specialty? Offering pink slips as a Christmas bonus?

"Seriously, a piece of advice for our latest victims would be to face the fact they need to move to stay in this industry, or quickly switch gears. 

"Check out the related courses beginning in January at a community college or a university. Upgrade, or specialize to meet the region's biggest industry: Tourism. Start a small business; learn web design. Seek and ye shall find hope. 

"And for those of you left behind at the Shopping News, don't forget your friends. Call often. Let them rant. Listen. One day, it could be you."


  1. My heart goes out to those staff who will receive a pink slip as a Christmas bonus. I was one of those people "displaced" after almost 29 years of service on that *shudder* Black Tuesday. As for PKP, well unfortunately, I cannot put the words on here as to what I think of him and his minions. But, as my dear dad used to say, "every dog has it's day"!

  2. The major corporate blocks who are trying to save money going overseas have no concept of community, which is what the umbrella name contains.

    How many of those blocks have actually worked in the industry from the ground up.

    How many of them have stepped foot in a local community newsroom?

    How ironic that outsourcing jobs overseas has taken the concept of community away from what the local publication tries to achieve.

    Oh, and let's talk about the inefficiency of the entire system all together shall we?

    THREE, yes, count them THREE separate locations deal with the production.

    Two in Ontario plus the off-shore location.

    One does ads, one actually puts all the pages together with all the ads created off-site, while the other handles the login upload system of creative elements to put the ads together.

    Now, who brainy-idea was that? May we ask how this is saving the company money?

    Tune in to the next edition of Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story to find out these answers and more.